Hanna Mignano Quartet, Hanna Mignano Quartet (Independent) 


"If you are in the mood for jazz manouche, you can set Peabody’s wayback machine to 1930’s Paris or just pop in the self-titled release from The Hanna Mignano Quartet. Hanna and company start things off with a lively version of the Johnny Green classic “Coquette.” Alex Palmeros (guitar) provides a driving percussive rhythm 

while Roy Brent (upright bass) delivers a fat round thumping bottom end that creates the perfect atmosphere for Owen Allahan (clarinet) to soar as he delivers a tone that is light and airy, yet lush and full. Not to be outdone, Mignano (violin) swings with elegant grace. 

Of the eight tracks, Mignano penned three, including the beautiful “Persephone’s Waltz” and “Django’s Rocket To The Ghost Nebula.” The former paints an evocative soundscape and the latter is a flat-out barn burner. Both feature Paul Mehling (Hot Club of San Francisco) on guitar, and adding to the good times on “Django’s Rocket” is Kala Chandra, also on guitar. Speaking of Django, Mignano and Allahan weave in and out of solos with singular focus as they play off of one another in a great take on Reinhardt and Grappelli’s “Stompin’ At The Decca.” Closing things out, Mignano treats us to a brief vocal performance on “I’m Gonna Lock My Heart.” While the sentiment is poignant, the playing, as it is on the entirety of this release, swings with grace and feeling that will leave you longing for more."